Milo2 Basket

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The Milo2 Basket is included with your Milo2 pram, but can be purchased to replace a damaged basket.

To attach to your pram, remove your existing basket first. Then thread the sides of the basket fabric with the plastic rod inside (you'll be able to feel this through the fabric) through the side metal tubes of the basket frame. Secure the fabric loops at the front end of the basket around the circle clips on the frame (behind the front wheel hubs). Insert the zip half that comes with the basket fabric into the rear tube from the same position you inserted the basket fabric.


Note: one end of the zip has a longer plastic section, this needs to be on the right side of the tube when you slide it into the tube so that the zip matches up. Do the zip up and you’re ready to rock and stroll!

Included: Basket fabric only.

Compatibility: Milo2 pram.


    Returns: Spare Parts & Accessories can not be returned for change of mind so choose wisely! More Info

    Milo2 Basket

    Milo2 Basket