Milly + Coup Toddler Board

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Included:  Toddler Board for Milo, Milo2 and Leo Strollers.

Min Age: 2 years+

Usage: For standing only. Do not allow child to sit on the board.

Weight limit: 20kg

Returns: Spare Parts & Accessories can not be returned for change of mind so choose wisely! More Info

Warning! Additional care and supervision need to be taken when using this product. It's not uncommon for toddlers to unexpectantly jump off so please be mindful of this.

  1. Always apply the stroller brake before loading or unloading your child.

  2. Ensure your child is standing holding on to the stroller frame with two hands at all times.

  3. ALWAYS hold your stroller while the toddler board is in use to avoid instability.

  4. Remove your child from the toddler board when moving on steep or unstable conditions or up or down curbs.

  5. Do not allow your child to play with the stroller brake or wrist tether strap when using the toddler board.

Milly + Coup Toddler Board

Milly + Coup Toddler Board